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Be Lean and Excel at Product Development


Engage the RTConfidence Transformation Specialists

RTConfidence offers Consulting Services by recognized experts in:

  • Portfolio Management – the Connective Tissue between C-Suite and Work
  • PMO Management – an Evolving “Best Practice”
  • Program Management
  • Project Management – the holistic approach
  • Tailoring of Processes for Industry Competitiveness and Internal Preferences
  • Agile Development Processes
  • Operations Management
  • Product Development System Support – the Lean and Effective Way
  • Supplier Management – the Riskiest Activity in Development
  • Customized Governance – at all Levels (Portfolios to Projects)
  • Setting up and deploying Chrono

The 100Q® PM Assessment Tool

RTConfidence owns a proven/highly-effective proprietary Assessment Tool that can get to the issues quickly – using internal resources in an extremely Efficient (i.e. Lean) Way

  • Evaluates Completed and In-Process Projects
    • Can act as a Project Postmortem Tool used Regularly
  • A Questionnaire Designed to Assess Every Facet of Potential Concern
    • Quick and Extremely Cost Effective to employ
    • Assesses both Good and Poor performance
    • Anonymous Inputs to Encourage Openness
    • Many Types of inputs (PMs, Team Leads, Functional Managers, etc.)
    • Tailorable
  • Inputs from Organizational Stakeholders – 2 hours max per input
    • General Information (for sorting of multiple types of Projects)
    • PM Tools & Techniques used (for assessing “Best Practices”)
    • Outcomes (both Real and Perceived)
    • Performance (relative to typical Causes of Unsuccessful Execution)
  • Visual Graphics for Ready Interpretation – provided by RTConfidence
  • Leads to Initiatives (i.e. Systemic Changes) to Improve Performance

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